SafeList Traffic

Safelist marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a product or service – There are many affiliate programs within safelists for you to choose to advertise and make money from – But have you ever considered promoting and making money from the ‘SafeLists’ themselves?

It may sound surprising but most ‘Good’ safelist owners want you to succeed. This in turn makes their safelist the go to for other marketers who want that same success. As such there are many opportunities for anyone who wants to make money online to take advantage of what these safelists offer and promote them as their main business. After all everyone ‘Needs Advertising’ and unlike other forms of free and paid advertising, safelists has always been recognised as ‘Real Human Visitors’ or ‘Eyeballs’ on your advert.

There are also different models of safelists including free, free and paid, free credit based and free credit based with a paid option. Safelist advertising is a free or very low cost way to increase your web traffic and profit. This site will scour the best safelists (aka – Mailers) and bring you the latest statistics to find the safelists which bring the best traffic in forms of emails read, sign ups and any free credits available for new and existing members. (Check the blog posts for the latest safelist free credits).

BASICALLY, when you join a safelist, you agree to let others send you there ads. When you open the emails that they send and click on their link and stay on their websites for a certain length of time (usually about 15 seconds) you earn “credits.”

The more credits that you earn, the more emails that YOU can send out. It is a very simple concept. As I said, most work basically the same way. Many will let you putout “text ads” and some will let you use the “credits” that you have built up on Solo Ads.

You WILL need a Separate Email Address for each safelist you join such as a free account (which takes about 5 minutes to set up). For example: If you join ABC Safelist, your “LIST Email Address” (that you put in when signing up) could be something like: This is where all the emails that others send you will go to. It’s crazy how many people you can reach with this, IT WORKS.

If you find yourself with a very small or non existent ad budget, safelists are a VERY good way to spend your time. All have free or paid options and if you can pay a little to upgrade you will be able to send out A LOT more emails per day, if not the free versions give you a great deal of exposure. Whatever your situation you should be doing this, either way, like I said… it works.

There is a selection of other advertising (Free) which will help you gain more visitors looking at your promotions and the Make Money page will show you how to set up a wordpress blog like this one which makes me a few dollars a month and gains extra advertising, just by giving away free advertising. Even the set up is free with a web hosting company that has free no ads hosting.

The posts describe how to make the most though from safelists and which perform the best for active readers, buyers and reward you for promoting them. SafeList Traffic only promotes and advises the best advertising sources such as AdlandPro – A very diverse and one of the oldest affiliate marketing directories still available. The amount of ways you can advertise as a free member can be seen by going to –
AdLandPro – Create your own forum – Post ads – Refer other members – Your own Advertising Page – I would also recommend you sign up and read their Newsletter Digest, worth its weight in gold, from marketer Bogdan Fiedur – Advertise in their Digest to reach 30,000 members, discussion groups and more.