Email Marketing

Safelists are an effective way to market a service or product and for many are a gateway to understanding how effective email marketing can be, however there’s nothing better than owning your own ‘Safelist’ in the form of an autoresponder to capture potential clients and promote your programs.

Safelists are a great introduction for most to realise they to need to have their own mailing list, not just a buyers list but a list to promote free offers to. This comes in with another realisation and that is if you want real sign ups, you need to have a website or better still a blog. People are more trusting of a website than a one page squeeze/landing page. If you haven’t realised but offering an ebook, or a sneak peek at a video is not cutting it anymore – You can get free ebooks about most subjects from many ebook download services without having to sign up and who wants to watch a video, when there’s YouTube, Vimeo and more? No you have to be a lot more professional than just simple squeeze pages.

The internet has evolved beyond the ‘Dark Ages’ of one page sales websites, squeeze and landing pages, as visitors demand more interaction and information before they part with their email, even a throw away one. Having a blog then helps kill many birds with one stone. You are seen as more creditable, (especially if you spend the time to create a blog of useful information to keep visitors onsite) and you also can attract a better class of affiliate program. You can get started with a free webhosting account from BloomHost – With no ads and enough space and bandwidth for a good sized wordpress blog.

Once you start getting regular visitors who read over your posts and hopefully warming to you, they’ll sign up to see what that offer might be.

Having an autoresponder is the tool you will need to capture their email. You can sign up for a service such as Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and well many more, paying their ridiculous monthly payments if z = a then you owe x$ OR you can create your own wordpress autoresponder plugin. If you haven’t the time – I have created one called Mercury Pro Autoresponder and has all the benefits of most online services and certainly does the job of keeping in touch with your websites audience.

The best part about having your own autoresponder is not paying anymore fees, pay once own for life. The other is being able to add those emails from safelists that share the referral emails with their subscribers. Some online services are a real pain to ‘prove’ they have been collected honestly and these subscribers want to receive marketing messages from you.

Once you start to build a list you are going to have to then find a way of making that list pay. You can read some of my own experiences of what works through the blog posts.