Free Advertising Opportunities

As well as safelists, there are many other ways you can promote your affiliate links and programs. This is just a small selection.

LeadsLeap – Advertising and ‘Autoresponder’ Lead capture System

One of the oldest ‘Internet Marketing’ programs available. Members can promote their advertising for free by earning credits whilst surfing the ads. However you can either use those credits for your own advertising or sell them back by cashing your credits in. Tip is to sell them in bunches of 200 or less, the more credits you have, the less you get paid for them!? Sounds crazy I know but that’s just how it works.

There are four ways to earn, either as a free member or paid, obviously as with most programs you join, you are more likely to earn more once you upgrade. This of course is a personal choice about where you place your money and how you can expect to get that money back at least by promoting that program. It is then possible to earn your ‘Upgrade Free’ with LeadsLeap by just clicking ads (Daily Active Bonus), as well as the ‘PTC’ ads and any commisions from referrals. LeadsLeap has plenty of members, really good way to gain visitors who are genuinely interested in making money online and you can actually make your membership costs pay for you here.

MTC Traffic Co-Op

Quite a new way of making money advertising ‘Traffic’ – You buy shares in the program, again like as above the more you buy, the more you earn. Every share is bought at $40 and the more shares your referrals buy the more you earn. Now Co-Ops are nothing new and they are a good investment as the whole membership shares here. The more traffic you produce the more traffic you get back between members. You also get your own free website to promote and gather email addresses. Excellent way to one build a list and a list of people who realises you have to lay out some money in order to get it back.

Adzly – on the other hand is not just free but extremely free. You can buy ads at this site, however I get plenty of free advertising by adding the widgets (Seen at the bottom of all pages) to my many sites. This allows me 2 credits per click, which in turn promotes my advertising Adzly members display their ads on each others websites and get visitors in return. Similar to ‘PPC’ advertising but without the cost and it doesn’t matter if your site only ever sends two visitors a month or year even to other members ads, you could get hundreds if not thousands of visitors free just by clicking other member ads inside membership. Getting those free visitors then just depends on how good you are at writing short catchy titles to bring that audience over to your site.

IMFacePlate – Is a social networking site for marketers. Combine this with Adzly and you have a lean and double way to advertise and bring in more visitors, plus get more free advertising when people click the Adzly Ads.
With ImFacePlate, you can create discussion boards, groups, promote your tube videos, have your own blog and write articles which are promoted through the network and of course show up in Google and other search engines. With ImFacePlate you can get social shares from other users who like and vote on your articles and videos. This will then allow you to brand yourself as a marketer of note.

These next three sites are totally free and have been helping marketers get advertising and site promotion since 2008. Adviralizer – Every time you post or repost (renew) your ads, they move to the front of the section “The Latest 16 Free Ads” on the front pages for all members to see when they login!
Advirilizer is free. You earn more advertising power by referring new members, the more members you refer, the more ads you can place, and you get more advertising when you refer new members, as a free member;
You can post or repost (renew) 1 ads per day. You can have the total of 3 ads saved. You are allowed 3 cloaked URL’s You are allowed one rotator and 3 links in each rotator. Your limits will steadily increase with the number of members you refer. Nobody can increase their limits by paying, so everybody has an incentive to promote their pages as much as they can and everybody benefits from these efforts! There is a benefits table at the site which will show you how your advertising grows when you refer new members. This is where other members then advertise their site and when doing so your ad is placed on their web page that they promote. By the time your ad reaches the bottom (number six and has to be clicked before a new member can join) you will have had your offer seen 7,778 times.
It doesn’t stop there as you are asked to join their ‘sister’ sites A-Z AdBoard and HotLink Cycler, both of which are free but there is a twist to the last mentioned.
HotLink Cycler and A-Z Adboard are designed to compliment and enhance each other. Linking your memberships in these two programs multiplies their advertising powers! These two programs are connected in such a way, that promoting any one of these programs will automatically build your downlines in both of them!

Here are some highlights:
HotLink Cycler, like a SafeList, presents the ads to its members. You can remain a free member and still have all the benefits of advertising daily, however if you pay a one time Upgrade fee of $25, then you enter the payment matrix based on the 3×15 MLM system. It works like this:

The cost of upgrading is only $25.00 one time – no more payments to remain a PRO member. You get 20000 points for upgrading and – you get more points for referring new members, more points for browsing the pages and larger Hot Link jackpots.
$25 gets you much more than more advertising – you get a Profit Center with 2×2 Matrix. It is filled by upgraded members of your, and even your upline downlines. It takes only 6 members to fill, and on completion, you are paid $50 commission, your referrer is paid $20 bonus and $25 is invested in the next Profit Center for you. If any of your personally referred members complets a cycle, you are also paid $20!

Advertisements posted by A-Z AdBoard are intended mostly for the prospects that are not members of the board. A-Z AdBoard adverstises to the Internet world outside its membership.
A-Z AdBoard is not credit based. You increase your advertising power and traffic to your websites with each new member you enroll.

Your referrals, when they join A-Z AdBoard -You increase your advertising power too.
A-Z AdBoard – is absolutely FREE to join and use. You never have to pay for advertising there!
The power of free advertising alone is worth adding A-Z AdBoard and you only need to promote one link to advertise and build referrals throughout the entire system plus you can advertise everyday to all three.
With a URL rotator this will allow you to add as many programs that you want to promote. Now I did say there was a kick to all this and while you don’t have to pay anything to use the system there is a way for you to have a full blown Login Ad shown to all members who sign in – Refer 15 members and your Login Ad will be shown across the network of some 20,000 plus members. Considering members can post up to 30 ads a day, the more you refer the more you can advertise, this is a great way to get even more free advertising for those that are members and for those that are new and there to sign up.