Make Money

Any marketers dream is to make money from his or her advertising efforts and make a reliable income from their online activities. These are just a few recommendations as to how any one can make money working from home.

There are many ways to make money, either as an affiliate or selling your own products or services. The one method I outline here involves how this website/blog makes me money.
There are only THREE TYPES of WEBSITE on the internet! Those that sell something – Products or Services – Those That Promote (As an Affiliate) Products or Services and Advertising Platforms. The biggest being Google. For all its bluster, Google is no longer a search engine but an advertising platform. Companies like Amazon, one of the most recognizable names, actually spends more than a million pounds with Google in advertising – A DAY! Crazy? Not really, advertising is a numbers game. The more people you have seeing your adverts, the more sales you will make, simple at best, costly when you don’t have that kind of reach.
You could say you now have a choice, do you want to sell something, then pay for advertising? Or do you want to be an affiliate and then pay for advertising? Or do you want to promote advertising and make money from those who ‘Need’ advertising? Below is a kind of walkthrough of how you can set up your own advertising website – for free – get free advertising for free to then make some money when others buy upgraded packages.

As you will see, once you have looked over this site, it is through the many advertising opportunities I display. From LeadsLeap to Adzly, they all give me something back in the way of either payment or more free advertising to promote this website. LeadsLeap – Advertising and ‘Autoresponder’ Lead capture System, for example operates a ‘PPC’ advertising network, similar to Google except the payout is, yes smaller and shared between those who display adverts on their website(s). Unlike Google though, there is no penalty for what kind of traffic you drive to those ads. Google is notorious for throwing penguins around – not so with these advertising networks, a visitor is a visitor – so you will get paid. This is paid every Friday to either Paypal or SolidTrust Accounts. You can also earn with the daily activity with them by surfing ads and then ‘Encashing’ your credits back. You need a minimum of 50 credits and the smaller the number ie; 200 is the optimum to ‘Encash’ rather than say 1,000 credits, as you will get less money the more credits you ‘Encash’ – Crazy I know but cash your credits out regularly at small amounts for bigger payments. As well as LeadsLeap the other advertising site that ‘Pays’ you a 70% for all clicks is AdHitz – Free for publishers to sign up and have a widget displaying their ads – Right Side Bar. Payouts are to Skrill or CoinBase. Adzly will give you free credits when someone clicks the ads you display, you can use these to ‘Buy’ credits for your own website, thus giving it ‘Free Advertising’.
These three advertising networks aren’t like Google if your traffic comes from an unpopular source, such as Safelists. So by signing up to the many safelists recommended, you can send that free traffic to your blog and make money and free advertising when they click the ads.

Along with advertising and recommending other ‘Free Advertising’ sources – Safelists and other advertising networks, which are free to sign up to, these will all add up to a tidy little sum over the month. As when other members join and either surf for credits, you get free advertising for your website or should they upgrade, you’ll get a percentage of that advertising package. I would also advise to have at least two paid programs for you to promote. These should have a structure of Multi-Level-Marketing about them, meaning you will receive even more money as your referrals make referrals, you will then also receive money from those paid downlines.

To set up a website ‘similar’ to this one will cost you no more than the price of a domain. GoDaddy is most peoples choice (And mine) as they always seem to have discounts and coupons available somewhere online for you to buy domains with them, so I suggest a search for ‘GoDaddy Coupons’ then buy a domain, keep it simple, less than 15 characters is good and preferably a memorable name.

Next you will need hosting for your wordpress blog (Recommended – so easy to set up for just about all levels of website ability) The web host that gives you a free hosting account is ‘Bloom-Hosting‘ – Their hosting is enough for a good size blog with around 5GBs’ of bandwith (Hits – Visitors) which is also more than enough to get you started and has no advertising placed on your site. (The WordPress Theme I use for this site is ‘ColorMag’ as it allows you to place your widgets and banners just about anywhere on your posts and pages). One other good reason as an affiliate to have your own website/blog is that you can do link promotion and promote within your favourite social sites to gain more visitors. This will happen over time, as one thing Google always does and that is to rank sites higher when they have a steady flow of backlinks and traffic coming in.  Gaining backlinks is as easy as writing and submitting articles for both content and backlink purposes, as well as some visitors who read your article clicking through to read more, don’t just ‘Promote’ your web domain (Home Page) but your other sites pages and posts – example Submit to online directories for free,  you can add your website/blog to my exchange-links page here and place the reciprocal link any where on your site – Reciprocal linking isn’t as powerful as one way links but they do help and visitors to my site will click through and perhaps click those links to your site and vise-versa. You can get your own wordpress Link-Exchange plugin for $7 from my sister site Quality Earth WordPress Plugins. Don’t go to gung-ho on gaining to many links straight away as somewhere down the line you’ll have to match or better that and Google will penalise you for it if you don’t. A steady 50 to 100 links a month will see you move up the SERPs within the first 3-6 months.

Try using sites like SparkTraffic and 10K Hits. These are auto-exchange traffic sites. Join for free, then download the program from 10K Hits and let the software run and build your credits, then send those credits to your website, make sure you set the timer to at least 30seconds for best Google results, also known as ‘Bounce Rate’. Spark Traffic is 2,000 free hits, regardless of what it says on the front of its site, this is an auto-exchange free surfing traffic – so just take the free hits then run. Why use autosurf traffic? Quite simply because it shows up in Google as visitors and they will rank you higher, they like trending websites. Along with the link building and adding one or two social signals, Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and the like will sometimes be all that is required to gain traffic from the search engines.

Once you have your site up and running, then join any or all of the advertising programs I use on this site. In time your site will gain visitors, clickthroughs to the advertising programs and will mean you don’t have to advertise that often yourself as the credits you build up from those referrals will ‘Pay’ for the advertising of your blog. You content should be relevant to what your site is about, preferably ‘Internet Marketing’ – ‘Make Money’ or ‘Advertising’, as this is what most of the ads that you promote will display on your site. If you need content and have no idea what to write about then go to IDPLR and join as a free member, claim Two Gold Upgrade Member products, even as a free member, then ‘Trawl’ your way through the free plr to use the content from within those packages to write your articles and even use to send promotional emails.

Next is the one program I use to make money with when members upgrade – MTC Traffic Co-Op

MTC Traffic Co-Op is free to join, however I have found that upgrading at this site actually worth the money, I really don’t say that often – I know where free is! – Just take a look over this site. But really the benefits are worth the upgrade in terms of the amount of exposure, visitors per cost and the percentage payout when others realise this site does deliver on promotion. From time to time I pay for a monthly subscription at a safelist to a) gain more credits and b) get more clicks, as the ‘Solo’ emails are read more than the free ones due to the very nature of the amount of credits they contain for other members.

I would also suggest you capture your audience via an autoresponder. Now that could be using an online service or buying your own wordpress plugin, then never pay for those monthly fees again, so confusing, pay ‘y’ if ‘x’ = ‘z’? Basically none of them are straighforward in pricing, one asks you pay more for the amount of subscribers you have the next will ask for more money based on the number of emails you send, the next it might be the amount of emails and subscribers along with the ability to set up more than one campaign – Help! – Okay Mercury Pro Autoresponder – A wordpress autoresponder plugin that will let you do all you will ever need to do to build a list of subscribers for you to monetize those lists. Yes lists, as many campaigns and lists as you want, one payment, lifetime licence, I know because I created it. And you can get it here with a 20% discount when you enter the code – E4YS557S9I – Should you want to see how it compares to other autoresponders first, then sign up and receive two free wordpress plugins that will help enhance your wordpress blog. (The form is in the top right of the ad bar).

If you have any questions about this way of making money from a blog, then please contact me on the contact page. Good Luck.