Recommended Safelists

This is only a small guide to the many safelists that are available. Any recommendation is by SafeListTraffic Owner and does not guarantee you will have success or the same success as the writer.

The reason I have chosen these safelists is from my many years of using safelists – There is a right way and a wrong way to using safelists – Check the blog posts which will help you gain a better understanding of why safelists are a popular form of traffic and how you can make the most of them.

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This is why I start with this ‘Mailer’ – ListsOutBreak – Not your typical safelist. Listoutbreak allows you to create your own mailing list for free. Now that’s to say, you don’t need an autoresponder as the mailer will let you mail your referrals without credits. The best part about Listoutbreak though is the system will build your list on autopilot. It works on the MLM basis of refer two to unlock the mailer. So each time your referrals refer someone, they then become part of your mailing list. This goes 15 levels deep, so if only every member you refer adds two more to their list, then you could end up with more than 32,000 people on your list. Of course being free and a referral list builder is easy to get member sign ups. As such I suggest you send all of your visitors using the other mailers mentioned below here, then you can email those referrals and then their referrals as and when you want and any kind of promotion you might come across in the future.

This is just one way you can have your own ‘Email List’ for free. Some of the other mailers I mention below have other ways you can use them to get the most out of safelist marketing.

One of the oldest and most respected safelists because of the amount of quality traffic in numbers they provide. Upgrading here is a simple choice and very affordable at $3 when you consider you get 140,000 when you upgrade plus 40,000 credits every month as a Silver member and can mail twice a day to both free and silver members or at Pro membership you get 80,000 credits per month and again 160,000 for upgrading, at $7 a month you also get an autoresponder that you can use to build your lists. 50,000 subscriber limit is actually very fair along with 12 autoresponders you can set up and add 40 messages per autoresponder. You will also get more credits for reading other member emails as an upgraded member as well as referral credits of 500 for free members who refer free members, silver members get 1500 and pro members get 2000. However it doesn’t stop there as a pro member gets 500 business contact emails every month to advertise to proven buyers as well as a solo to the entire membership a value of $12.95 if not at pro level. There are also banner and text ads you can add at any level.
The reason I have started with European Safelist is because if you are to take this seriously as a business (Safelist Traffic Promotion) you could do worse, a lot worse for the online tools you get and this could be all you need to ‘work’ your traffic business from, using the autoresponder to gather your audience. You will need hosting of course for your squeeze page – Try Bloom Hostings Free Hosting Package.
One of the other reasons that makes European Safelist stand out is its Active Reader Contest. In other words the more emails you read (click) the more chance you have of winning for that month. Mazzimo (Owner) pays $10 for the top four readers and $5 down to tenth. In the same order 1st to tenth, you will also receive bonus credits. You can keep in touch with how you are doing and how many more emails you may have to read in order to win a prize by clicking the Standings link, updated daily.

Jerry Iannucci the owner worked hard at doing nothing but earning a living from using safelists and as such I admire what he acheived and the fact that he runs one of the best safelists because of that knowledge he gained through his trial and error days. The click through percentage as a result and quality of his traffic is excellent as they are active due to him being active. As with other safelists if you have missed it you can place text links and banners here, and although I admit these won’t burn out your bandwith, it all helps and is worth doing.
The upgrade for pro member to email the list once every three days is also reasonable at $7 a month (Sometimes runs a special and can be found at a reduced $4.97 a month – giving you 25,000 credits and lots more advertising opportunities) but as you can see falls way short of the European Safelist ‘Business in a Box Idea.’ However worthy of joining for the quality and consistent traffic.
The third option is VIP membership at what sounds a little steep for safelists, however the compensation plan is where this wins out. 50,000 credits for the upgrade, instantly, plus 50,000 credits each and every month. Only receive emails from other upgraded members and in turn have the ability to email to free – pro and other vip members. The kick is being able to email other upgraded members, these are people who ‘know’ that at times to make money you have to part with some of it, or invest. So you know these are genuine buyers. Jerry prioritises these emails to see to it that your emails get read more by other upgraded members. Also it only takes reading a few of these emails to bring your credits way back up to a level where you can promote ‘every day’. Look for the special VIP upgrade message when you login as the cost is only $34 for 3 months, a saving of $14, almost a three for two deal. Nice one Jerry keep up the good work. By the way as an upgraded member here it would only take you 3 referred sales at a juicy 30% for referral upgrades.

BestList Mailer
Not the most inspiring of choices at first glance, as you only get 3,000 bonus credits for signing up and have to click a lot of emails to reach the ten thousand required to send an email (best done on site) but that is also the reason to sign up to BestList Mailer. You know your messages ‘Have’ to be read before other members can have enough credits to email out, unless you upgrade of course, which is reasonable for this size list at just $7.70 a month. The timer is more generous as well at 15 seconds, unlike some that have eaten up your credits before your promotional page has loaded. There is also the compensation of earning per referral both money, if upgraded and credits per referral. A very active list and one of Maryanne Myers best in terms of the click through ratio.

One of the oldest safelists around they have a steady membership of more than 30,000. Of course like many safelists you’d have to email a list that size everyday for at least a couple of months to reach even half. A generous 8,000 credits on signing up. Plus a free upgrade to pro membership currently.
Regular Mailer:
Using the regular mailer you can send your ads to a random list of 700 members once a day. This lets you mail even when you don’t have any credits left.
Credit Based Mailer:
With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the safelist twice per day as long as you have credits left. One credit = one person you can mail to. You will get 2000 credits just for joining. Earn 2000 credits for referring a member.
Earn 80 Credits per regular click-link, and 400 Credits per solo one. You can choose the amount of credits you use. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to. Members receive credits for reading other member’s ads. But in order to receive any credits they need to visit your website and stay there for 20 seconds. Our special script will check this automaitically, so you will get guaranteed visitors!

State Of The Art Mailer
It would be criminal of me not to include this safelist. One of the oldest and most stable around, since 2010, they are always finding ways to get your email seen by other members and as such have the best record when it comes to sales achieved. With more than 39,000 members and a clear way of earning credits to be able to mail to the full membership, plus be an active reader and you can win a free solo to that full list, as you will if one of your referrals wins that Golden Ticket.
Membership starts at $8.80 per month and goes up to $86.42 for full membership. There are varying other levels you can upgrade to and each one ‘jumps’ you to a higher escalation button which ‘boosts’ your credits allowing you to have your ads seen by more than what you actually paid for. Of course you can earn these higher rewards as a free member by clicking the emails either sent to your inbox or onsite but only up to the 5,000 button level. The mailings are sent to every member on the list, upgraded or free but just at the amount of credits you have. Full membership has many advantages other than the mailer, such as 100 hours of ad exposure on their other web technology sites. If you aren’t a member here, and many are, you really should be.

One of my favourites. When I spoke of having a high percentage of click throughs’ this safelist has definitely the highest. Most of my traffic and indeed sales have come from FreeSafeListMailer. Even free members if you have the credits, can email the ‘Whole’ database of more than 47,000. There system is probably the most intuitive of all the safelists when you consider the ways you can earn, either money for purchases made by your referrals or refer just five members and earn a free solo sent to the contact lists of all members, worth considerably more than the free mailings and therefore definitely read, giving you a big boost in visitors. A welcome $10 bonus is added for new members, cash out at $25. As long as you are an active member, you also as a free member get monthly credits along with those you build up for reading the emails. Along with that ‘Being Active’ gets you higher credits the more you read daily. As mentioned about SafeListPro – FreeSafeListMailer also has a referral mailer but with a twist. Not only can you email your own referrals but your referrals referrals seven levels deep. Yes that’s right ‘Other’ members you recruit will also ‘Build’ YOUR LIST (Have to be an Upgraded Member for this feature – see ListOutBreak above for the free version). Worth Promoting? As an upgraded member you can also receive random free members assigned to your downline. You bet this site is worth promoting! All Free and Paid members can email their downline directly. Depending on your membership you can email from 1 to 7 levels deep meaning you can email members you did not recruit. These ads are specially marked, include a link to earn credits and the credits given are the same a List Email Solo. This will allow you to email many active members even if you did not recruit them! Click the credits daily and you will earn more points as an active member.

Joining Networked Safelists

Now I’m going to stop there and let you choose which if any you want to join and yes there are many more, in fact probably thousands of safelists to choose from. Some with just a few members but are connected to other safelists in the network and offer solo emails to that joined network, meaning join one and for around $5.00 you can email the entire networks database of probably 30,000 or more plus.

One such network is Kenny Lessings – Unlike David Mosher, who has he’s own web of safelist mailers with more than 300,000 members – Kenny Lessing on the other hand sells safelist membership sites for around $29 plus free hosting and whilst he does, those owners promote their new safelist gain members which if you join one of his network safelists, can then buy a solo to send to the whole network of more than 250,000. Not a bad offer, just make sure you send them to something worthwhile and where you are likely to get sign ups, ListOutBreak?

BuzzSolos is one on that network and offers 35,000 credits to new members along with 2 solos to email that particular database and buy solos to the whole network of those 250,000.