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No matter what you do on the internet, be it to share your blog of interest or promote affiliate products or services, everyone realises at some point that traffic or visitors is an important part of their internet activities, otherwise your shiney website IS a screensaver. Despite peoples efforts, gaining real and quality traffic is a major problem. There are only two forms of advertising: Direct Advertising, (such as search engine traffic, FaceBook Ads with demographics) these are people who are interested in your offer before they arrive at your website and are predisposed to take some kind of action, be it to sign up to an offer or buy what ever it is you are selling. The second is the Scatter Gun Approach, which is less effective as it is aimed at anyone who ‘might’ see the advert that has been placed on any website they can find that accepts ads. Unless it has a viral element, or ‘people willing to share it,’ then it can be costly and bring poor results for your advertising dollar. Most people take the second approach, then struggle to make any kind of consistent sales from this and eventually ‘blame’ the program they are associated with and either quit or move on to another, in the vain hope it will be their answer to internet riches and glory.

The Money Plan
Making money online has not changed since the ‘Glory Days’ of one page websites that sold people the dream of ‘How To Make Money Online’. What has changed is the way people go about making money online with the many different services available, as well as with the many ways you can generate traffic. However the ‘Principle’ is still the same.

Have An Offer
This could be an affiliate program you are promoting or your own product, ebook or videos, or software to download.

Driving Traffic To That Offer
The next step once you have decided upon what to sell – Getting visitors to see your sales or sign up page isn’t difficult. What is difficult for most is gaining ‘Targeted’ traffic, those already looking for what you are offering. Of course this is the kind of traffic everybody wants as you are more likely to make a sale or get that sign up. I’ve already mentioned the best method for finding buyers and that is to research a particular niche you might be interested in or where the big bucks are. For the top five money makers online, you could find affiliate programs in these fields then narrow down your ‘Niche’.
Weight Loss (Diet)
Health And Beauty
How To Make Money
Hobbies or Crafts
Mobile Phones (Cell Phones)
Marketing and Advertising
Searching for your ‘Buyers’ is as simple as doing an online search for those mentioned plus the terms + “forums” – ie; weight loss + “forums”

Using SafeLists For Traffic
Safelists are the second of the above, the audience is large and varied. So for some it brings little reward and they bemoan it as ‘useless’ or a ‘rip off’. Neither is true. The problem is they haven’t taken the time to stand back and look at how they might improve their chances of sales or affiliate sign ups by ‘weeding out’ those that ARE genuinely interested in their offering. This is what this post will look to address and help you ‘find’ those people within the Internet Marketing arena, such as safelists, where you can start to then make money.
There is a third option which is very rarely discussed as most marketers would like to keep it ‘secret’. That is to firstly find your audience then see what it is they would be interested in. Once you have ‘understood’ what your market or group of people would likely buy, either as a service or a product, you can then begin to promote to that circle of people, be it a forum, social media or wider still, as in this instance – Internet Marketing – In this ‘Circle’ are people who would like to ‘really’ know how to make money online.

Making Money From SafeLists
As you are reading this post I can safely assume you are one such person. You may have come across this post through safelist marketing, a traffic exchange or clicked a banner, all of which are internet marketing related and which promotes offers to make money online. One of the most overlooked service or program that you can promote and make money from within this sphere – is SafeLists themselves.
People are too concentrated in ’emailing’ their own programs to other marketers within those safelists to notice how a safelist really works and how as a form of advertising that promotes these make money offers – the safelist is itself a way to make money from. They both need each other (an offer and a way to market that offer) but the one which out lasts the offer is the safelist. There are many make money online programs and services, some come and go within the first few weeks, others last three or maybe more months but soon once that well dries up, it will fade before another opportunity comes along. And the safelist – is still there. This post will then share with you how to get the most from these safelists, the opportunities that they present to be able to make consistent money from actually promoting safelists to those marketers who want to use them to promote their offers.

As already mentioned, most people struggle to drive traffic and thereby gain consistent sales – This is where safelists provide one such form of traffic. These are the Traffic Solution programs people are searching for and despite their low payout, they are actually a dependable way of making money, whilst not a definitive statistic it could be relatively assumed that 90% of people are looking for a way to market directly to people who will ‘ACTUALLY’ see these opportunities. Which is one reason that makes them popular, knowing that the visitor is a real human and not a fake bot. It then follows that if you can offer these people an answer to their traffic problems they are more likely to sign up either as free members or paying for the relatively low cost advertising programs available. This in turn can give you more advertising credits to promote your own traffic solution business (safelists) and receive payments from those who do upgrade and some residually.

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