The Top Five Mistakes People Make Using SafeLists

First: Using The Scatter Gun Approach
Signing up to a safelist, then clicking for credits to use the credit mailer, then loading the ‘Affiliate Programs Generic Email’ message in to the ‘Mailer’ – Then hitting send. Sound familiar?
Two Reasons why this won’t work (or have limited success), is everyman and his dog are using the same email. It will become random then as to who gets the referral/sale and secondly “Who Are YOU?” The first is easy to recover from by writing your own email, the second a little more tricky. To overcome the second you need to establish yourself as someone of trust, to do that means building your own list. “Not everyones’ cup of tea”. But without your own list you can’t stand out from the crowd and your generic affiliate email has little to no chance of being seen, let alone being clicked. Please take the hint and start building YOUR OWN LIST! Open rates for a good quality list, that people have signed up to are a lot higher than safelist generic emails, a lot higher.

Second: Not Buying Credits or Solos
Really I hear you cry? But safelists are free, aren’t they? Well yes but I’m going to ask you a question; “As a user of safelists, which credit link do you look for more in your inbox”? The Free with small credits or the solo from upgraded members with more bonus credits? Precisely! It’s human nature to want more. When starting to build your list using safelists, it should then make sense to get as many people to your squeeze page as possible by upgrading and having more people see your squeeze page and then to ‘Syphon’ them off on to your own LIST! – By paying for at least one months upgrade, then using those credits whilst still clicking your way through for more credits, as an upgraded member you will get double or triple the credits than the free member, you will then have a substantial amount of credits for the next few months to advertise.

Third: People Don’t Take FULL Advantage of The SafeList
Are all safelists the same? Or do you know that when you use each one they have their own attributes that they use to make you an active member and to keep coming back. For instance did you know that FreeSafeListMailer encourages you to read their emails everyday by ‘Increasing’ your credits for active members who do this. Or that ListOutBreak has a referral system that lets you ‘Build’ a list and everytime someone you refer brings in another member, that member also joins your list of referrals, that you can then email to them daily – Fifteen Levels Deep and you just need to refer two members and they do the same and you could end up with a list of 30,000, without doing to much work. You then send these new recruits to your own autoresponder and marketing messages.

Do you also know that ‘If’ you purchase an upgrade at these safelists you get ‘Extra’ credits, which after the first month you can downgrade back to a free member and still have your credits! As well as being an upgraded member for that month you will get more credits for reading those emails, which will give you even more credits that could last you months. This then makes it worth the small outlay, it is an investment in yourself as a marketer.
Do you place your affiliate programs banners and text links within these safelists? Or are you just using the credit mailer? Okay so it won’t burn out your bandwidth and you may not get many clicks to those advertising slots BUT you will, so why not use them. They generally will use some of your credits but again these are more visitors, half sold on the idea of what you are promoting if the banner or text link is appealing.

Four: Making Use Of The HTML Editor
Each safelist offers you the opportunity to make your marketing message ‘ping’. This is the HTML editor version of the mailer (Not always available to free members) but if it is you should take the time to make your message that much bolder, even the generic email from your program, if you are still to use that. The colours Red for Headlines, Blue for the body text and Green for the sign up message are always popular, given that these are used in everyday life situations. Red for Warning – Blue for Comforting and Green for Money. Sometimes you can add a graphic or photo, this too is useful to make your message stand out as something that has more ‘weight’ than the ordinary messages they receive. A word of caution, don’t go mad and write ‘War and Peace’ emails. These can infuriate the receiver if they have to scroll down to look for the credit link. A good headline, some list of the benefits of the program you are promoting and your name is all it takes. The squeeze/landing page will take care of the rest.

Five: One Program To Promote
There is no one definitive program you or anyone can say ‘YOU’ must promote. This is your individual choice, however the ‘Internet Marketing’ scene is all about “Ways To Make Money”. Use this as your baseline when choosing something to promote. A good rule of thumb when choosing a program or service to promote is ‘How Long Has It Been Around’? This will establish some credibility and trust for you and those you wish to sign up. After all you want to know -One you are going to get paid for promoting that program or service. Secondly does it have residual payments or recurring payments, that’s to say you bring someone in, make a sale but they have to continue paying monthly to carry on using that program or service. And thirdly ‘Will It Appeal’ to others. Can they make money as you will do and is it a small investment or is the program to costly? When sticking to just one program, you will attract people with the same mindset and further down the line, if building a list you can send a broadcast to promote other ‘similar’ programs or services.

But remember not everyone has the same tastes as yourself, so don’t be to disheartend when things seem slow, perseverance is the key when sending out your messages. So when you sign up, don’t just look at the ‘Numbers’ – “We have 30,000 members” or “Get 100,000 Credits Free”, niether are any good if that safelist is unresponsive or all those credits and only 2,000 members. Check what the safelist mailer is all about and then decide if you want to join – If you’ve missed the page you can look at some of my own personal recommendations based on what they offer and how they can be a good safelist to get more clicks from – Recommended Safelists